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See to your crib now!

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The Crib is:

  • Faith

  • Tradition

  • Culture

  • Art

Il Presepio

The only shop exclusively specialized in items for cribs and holy dioramas is in Cremona, largo Boccaccino, 10 (on the side of the Cathedral).

For informations, orders and booking:
Tel: +39 037231524 - Mobile: +39 330715935 - Fax: +39 037231524 - Mail:

Traditional cribs: exclusively handmade products.

Cribs for collection.

Movable statuettes.

Small motors for lighting effects: dawn, day-light, sunset, night; comets; fires; smoke; true snow, etc..

Small houses, mountains, castles, palaces, temples, bridges, plastic models in cork, mills in motion, waterfalls and springs, small plants, tools, fittings and accessories in miniature of every type.

Statuettes for Easter dioramas and scenes of the Passion. Holy diorama statuettes in ancient costumes (Palestinas, Romans, etc.) both of the New and Old Testament.

Statuettes and groups in terra-cotta, paper machè, plaster tin and wood of every size: from 1 to 60 cm.; higher statues are made to order.

Handcrafts of the best italian tradition (Sicilia, Campania, Apulia, Veneto, Toscana, Tirol del Sur, etc.) and cribs from all over the world.

Heads, arms, legs and bodies for people who you want to make themselves their own statuettes, both movable and static.

For your Christmas tree there are balls in blown glass painted by hand.

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